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Check out Donna’s amazing transformation in just 6 WEEKS!!!! Donna joined us on our June 6 week transformation and lost an INCREDIBLE.

She lost an amazing 12lbs, dropped 4% of body fat and lost a staggering 31cm off her body.





I’ve Lost 2.3 kg in weight, down 2 dress sizes, lost 10 cm from my waist and 6 cm from my hips. Not so happy about you making me post my before and after photos though. Lol.

However, it’s not just about losing the weight for me it’s about the journey, 6 months before I started at the gym I had to leave my job working with children with special needs due to health reasons, (a suspected mini stroke) and set up my own jewellery design business from home. It was my doctor who advised me to join Boot Camp but it still took me 6 months to have the confidence to do it.

Looking back at my transformation booklet it really has been a successful and sometimes emotional journey. When I started, I wrote that I felt fat, old, totally unfit, was anxious, lacked confidence, I was really struggling with my breathing and couldn’t even bend down to tie my shoe laces or pull my tights up.By Week 2, my breathing was much better, I could just about see my feet again, tie my shoe laces and pull up my tights Lol.

By Week 4, I was able to walk 3 miles over Clent Hills, a big achievement for me, my confidence improved to the extent that I sang in a charity concert with my community choir. I finally told my husband that I was going to Boot Camp, I’d kept it from him in case I couldn’t achieve it. By Week 6, I applied for and was accepted to go to Nepal in 2018 as a member of Staff with the Air Cadets to climb up to Annapurna Base Camp which is just over 4000 metres high with 12 Cadets and we’ll be spending a week working in a Nepalese school teaching children or helping to rebuild a village hit by a recent earthquake.

By Week 8, my business is doing well, I’ve received amazing feedback from my customers and a Company in New York that prides itself in discovering and showcasing new artisans wrote an incredible review about my Etsy shop. I’m spending my holidays with Kevin and the kids walking in the Mountains in North Wales. I couldn’t have done any of this 8 weeks ago, I wonder what the next 8 weeks will bring? Thank you.” AMAZING WORK HAYLEY!!



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Emma started University comfortable with her body and at a steady weight that she had maintained. After 3 years of drinking and constant takeaways, the fat creeped up and Emma found herself leaving University at her biggest and at a loss of how to lose weight. Upon discovering Fitcamp, Emma has since dropped 12% body fat and is half way to reaching her goal!



Kerry has been dedicated to her journey since the very beginning and most importantly ALWAYS consistent. Since being with us, she has lost over 60lbs and we could not be more proud of her if we tried! We can’t wait to see what more you can achieve and what the future has in store for you Kerry!